Japanese University Student Don’t Study


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Japanese University Student Don’t Study.

Are you studying hard?

Recently, it becomes a serious problem that Japanese university students study quite a lot less than any other foreign countries’ university students.  66.8% of Japanese students study about their major subjects for five hours or less in a week.  Moreover, there are many Japanese students who do not study at all.  In contrast, 59.4% of American students study about their major subjects for more than 11 hours in a week.  Many Japanese students spend a lot of their school life on working part-time or joining club activity compared with American students who spend most of their school life dedicated to their studies.


Why don’t Japanese university students study?

1. Japanese companies don’t necessarily take serious view of one’s school record.
Companies likely to turn their eyes to communication ability and a part-time job experience.

2. Not motivated
A student studying abroad from Hong Kong says “most Japanese students looks like have lower energy and motivation.
Be of the decrease of Japanese university students who go abroad to study.

3. Difficulty of the university entrance examination and facility of a promotion.
Japanese students regard matriculate as their goal.
There are lectures that don’t take the attendance and give tests.

4. Go to university for no particular purpose.
For finding employment
For playing with friends, experience social life(for example, put their energies into their part-time job.)
It is said that “College is the spring break of life!


Because most students get jobs after they graduate, it is natural that they try to do actions companies promote. What companies promote is experiences such as communication with others and part-time jobs but they contradict studying. In order to motivate students to study their specialties Japanese companies should admit that students don’t have the experiences so much and should look how students’ grade was seriously.

Some students do part-time jobs to earn money for cost of living while they participate in classes. Why don’t colleges and students’ parent help them? Scholar ship should be expanded to their cost of living and the parents should pay for them so that students need not work so hard.

Although companies, colleges, and parents do this some students don’t study hard because even if they don’t, it isn’t serious problem for them. To make them realize that it is problem that they don’t study, college exams should be more difficult. They managed to pass very difficult entrance examinations with their effort. They can also make effort to study and be promoted.






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